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New Era News!

Now Hiring!

We are seeking highly energetic and motivated individuals to fill the role of Summer Research Assistant at New Era Ag in Swan River, MB from May to August (flexible dates).

New Era Ag Research

With #plant24 around the corner, the research staff is excited for all the new projects and equipment coming soon! Stay tuned on our social media to stay up to date with the research farm!

Expanding Storage

New Era Ag Technologies is excited to announce we have expanded our storage facilities in Swan River to further aid producers.

Partnered with Numerous Suppliers

New Era Ag is partnered with numerous suppliers to offer you the most advanced up-to-date seeds, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, as well as many specialty products. Talk to our sales team to discuss which products are best suited for your farm to maximize yields with the highest quality of crop protection.

Stay tuned for more news!

Reliable Research Experts

At New Era Ag Research, we deliver valuable local data to retail customers on seed varieties and crop inputs. Thus, providing agricultural companies with a unique opportunity to develop, test and demonstrate their products.

Our research staff has extensive training and expertise in data analysis, local crop agronomy, field trial management and data management. Meet our New Era Ag team.

Product Spotlight


Bio-Sul Premium Plus is a recycled, sustainable nutrient source consisting of 70% elemental sulphur and 30% compost. Sulphur (S) is key in all crop systems. A sulphur shortage can lead to a decrease in yield and protein levels. Discover a cost-efficient and long-lasting elemental sulphur that will yield amazing crops, year after year.